Sofinter Macchi achieves an important milestone in energy transition and decarbonisation pathway.

Macchi and CCA team has successfully tested a 35 MWth gas burner at CCA combustion test rig of Sofinter Group, using 100% Hydrogen. Tests included also operation with low calorific fuels as simulation of flare and waste gas which play important role in decarbonisation too.

The tested burner is an evolution of well known Macchi Mars II burner widely proven by more than 350 working units in industrial and oil & gas complex and referenced for hydrogen operation up to 85% vol.

Tests at full scale in CCA test rig demonstrates burner capability to operate in flexible and high stable mode

Burner is able to operate with natural gas, low calorific fuels and hydrogen in any proportion giving high level of flexibility to END USER.  Burner is ready for commercial use since fully integrated in all type of Macchi boilers.

Additionally the use of Macchi ABS algorithm will permit to control the combustion in safely manner also in presence of fluctuation or rapid change of fuels including variation of H2 content.

Algorithm are able to predict correct air/fuel ratio to keep burner within design limits in all conditions and transients.

Macchi do believe that pathway to decarbonisation is now closer!!

                                                 100% – 35 MWth H2 flame – Front view

Reference: Macchi – Hydrogen firing in Industrial steam generators : a Look ahead. – Industrial plants-May2020