MACCHI has been performing since more than 50 years its activities with dynamism and success thanks to:

  • renowed reputation in technical reliability and a great attention to a continuous technical improvement;
  • awareness of responsibilities related to the Uninterrupted Continue Cycle Operations Production Equipment;
  • in-house engineering and boiler pressure parts manufacturing,  performed in MACCHI workshops, one of which located near Venice and  having its private loading dock for sending turn-key modules all over the world. MACCHI is the only boiler company in Europe having its own “top level” design and manufacturing capabilities;
  • proven experience, driven by “make it happen” philosophy, in the supply of high complexity products, managed with different interfaces and on a worldwide basis;
  • selected human resources, trained to operate on international markets with professionalism and know-how;
  • continuous monitoring and attention to Customers’ needs: since the beginning the primary goal of the company