Special applications and combustion systems under development

MACCHI currently is working on advanced combustion systems which in a near future will reduce pollution emissions at minimum levels.

this new technology will make use of the so called “MILD” method which will be applied to commercial fuels, suitable for conventional industrial steam generators application.

Before to be commercialised, MACCHI combustion systems are validated at the SOFINTER Group Environmental Combustion Centre (C.C.A.) located in Gioia del Colle.

This facility is equipped with a large range of test platforms for “full-scale” burners (up to 50 MW and different fuels firing) for industrial power boiler applications.

Duct burners, commonly used for HRSG steam generators, are also developed by MACCHI.

Tests carried out at the C.C.A. facility enable MACCHI to develop BAT (best available technology) combustion systems and to be considered one of the top player in the combustion panorama.